F Home - Barbora Dreams SPA

Mini ballroom

It is a great place to arrange personal holidays, negotiate with customers in nonofficial surroundings, celebrate for the workers of small firms, arrange parties or other events in small companies. Up to eight quests can celebrate in the ballroom.

Bath complex

Barbora Dream SPA bath complex consists of finnish sauna, turkish (steam) bath, infrared rays bath. It is a great way to kick off the day's fatique, recreate oneself and at the same time to learn what you were unaware about the bath given pleasures.


Jacuzzi helps greatly to recreate yourself after physical fatique, removes tension and helps when you have muscular strains and injuries. Immerseyourself in jacuzzi and feel all rejuvenation of the body's pleasures.

Turkish (steam) bath Finish sauna Infrared rays bath
Temperature is between 43 - 55 celsius, humidity - 100 percent. Temperature is from 80 - 100 Celsius in it. It gives our body warming energy and wellbeing feeling without wearing out body.
Bathhouse attendant services Relaxing whole body massage Wine whiskey tasting
Procedures conducted in a professional
will let us find new unexpected bath experiences
also once more get together for everyone nonformal surroundings.
Relaxing massage will calm down feelings, make wellbeing better. Wine or whiskey tasting is an intelectual great way to spend time with real drink expert.


Duration of stay
Max no. of guests
2 hours
160 eur
from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on weekdays only
Towels, bathrobes, Coffee, potable water Turkish bath
2 guests
3 hours
204 €
Towels, bathrobes, Coffee, potable water Two selected baths from three
3 guests
4 hours
254 €
Towels, bathrobes, Coffee, potable water Two selected baths
4 guests
Evening from 5 PM till 12 PM
350 €
Extra hour after 12 PM: 60 €
Towels, bathrobes, Coffee, potable water Two selected baths from three 20 candles
8 guests
  • Day price (24 hours): 500 Eur, lodging for the night is not provided
  • Extra services for guests of SPA:
  • Hamam: 40min - 40 €
  • Peeling: 20min - 40 €
  • Massage: 50 min – 45 €
  • Extra bathrobe and 2 towels: 10 €
  • Tasting events: price depends on tasting beverages, approx. 200 €
  • The price of disposable slippers is 2 eur / pc